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- The Iberian pig -


The Iberian pig has a small head, moderately broad on the front and narrow, almost pointed, on the face, with a long snout and a very inclined terminal disk.

Unclear and small eye. Medium ears, narrow and worn in the shape of a "roof overhang" when they are short and somewhat folded to the face when they are longer.
At the crossroads with the Duroc, the head in proportion to body volume is wider and shorter and the ear short; On the contrary, with Large Black, the head is longer and the ear is much longer, as well as falling and covering the eye.
In red or red pigs, even the improved one from Olivenza, the ear is not long, it is carried "at the eaves" directed forward and with little drop. On the contrary, in hairless black pigs, the ears are long, exceeding even half of the face, considerably wide and close to the face.

The neck in adult animals is short, laterally flattened, with high volume jowls and even mamellas. The trunk is moderately long and deep, it does not appear cylindrical, it is deep and narrow, with soft arching of the rib, which is sometimes too angular, originating a narrow back. This has been corrected a lot, so it seems quite horizontal, compared to the old Iberian.

The belly in general is bulky and manifest in multiparous females.

The back and arm are not very evident, with little musculature and they do not stand out in their configuration in relation to the rib. The back is short and sloping. The reeds are very thin. The abundant adipose panicle masks this region, which seems continuous in relation to the trunk.

Later extremities poorly developed, of little width, more evident when the rumps are very knocked down. The predominance of the previous third is seen in animals at the end of the bait, the width between backs is greater than between hams. The extremities in their distal part are usually well shaped and plumb. They are not long, presenting an animal close to land. The diameter of the reed is scarce, much more evident in the adult or fattened animal.

dehesa de ibericos izquierdo
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