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Acorn-Fed Shoulder 100% Iberian Sliced

Acorn-Fed Shoulder 100% Iberian Sliced

PriceFrom €11.00

Acorn-fed Iberian shoulder ham cut with a knife by our master ham makers and vacuum-packed in sachets.

Enjoy it whenever you want as freshly cut...

  • Black label.
  • Healing: Minimum 24 months.
  • Format: Sliced.
  • Description.

    This shoulder comes from Iberian pigs, which have fed on select feed and acorns during the montanera stage.

    In the shoulders the percentage of fat is lower than in the ham, in addition, its curing process is shorter, which makes the flavor more balanced.

  • Conservation.

    Keep it in a dry and cool place with a constant temperature, the ideal would be between 18º and 24ºC.

    Consume preferably within 21 days.

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