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Iberian sirloin

Iberian sirloin

PriceFrom €19.20

Piece of 400g approx

The Iberian pork tenderloin is a highly appreciated meat in our country, of all the cuts of the Iberian pig this may be the most demanded along with the prey. With a mild flavor and with a texture that everyone likes, it is a very lean meat that hardly contains fat, making it suitable for consumption by people who are even dieting.

  • Weight per piece

    400g approx

  • Description.

    Cylindrical in shape located above the kidneys and below the loin of the pig.

    With a very tender texture and that barely contains fat, which makes your vision finer.

    Despite its low levels of fat, it maintains its high protein values.

  • Conservation.

    For an optimal state of this piece, it must be refrigerated at an average temperature of 7ºC and in case it is in a frozen state, it must not exceed los  -18ºC.

    • Fresh vacuum packed: 21 days of preferential consumption.
    • Frozen vacuum packed: 24 months of preferential consumption.
  • Consumption.

    Due to its low levels of fat, it is one of the most difficult pieces to cook because we must not pass it on otherwise we will make it a very dry piece.

    Normally it is accompanied with sauces, stews, garnishes to give it a little more juiciness.

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