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- Animal welfare -

Our concern for the highest levels of quality in the final product has led us to raise our own pigs in optimal conditions, complying with the highest standards in animal welfare.

We comply with the European regulations on animal welfare. The objective of this regulation is to establish the minimum standards for the protection of pigs, while contributing to the improvement and maintenance of the competitiveness of livestock exports, thus creating a higher quality market compatible with the European model and allowing to win positions in foreign markets.


Aspects related to animal welfare are becoming increasingly important in society, with complete regulations having been developed in this regard that guarantee the best living conditions for animals and their protection. Existing animal welfare regulations affect all stages of the chain: production, transport and slaughter.

"Pigs currently have a higher quality of life, since their feeding, resting and development are carried out in the best conditions, specifically designed for their well-being."

Left Iberian animal welfare
Wellbeing encourages Ibéricos Izquierdo


The current regulatory framework establishes a series of measures that guarantee consumers pork products with the best quality, health, hygiene, environmental and animal welfare standards.


"Animal welfare translates into a higher quality of products intended for consumers, great beneficiaries as a result of this regulation."

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