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- We pamper every detail, from the origin -

The traceability and control of our own pigs are another guarantee of the high level of quality of products whose flavor surprises the most cultivated palates.

In the production of the Ibericos Izquierdo, the flavor of tradition and the most modern production, control, maturation and drying procedures come together.

We control the entire production process of our products, always careful to achieve the highest levels of quality and the superior taste that characterizes our sausages.

Cured at an altitude of 1000m in Salamanca, our Ibericos are unmistakable on the palate, because they are exquisite by nature.

The catalog of delicacies goes far beyond ham, the variety of sausages allows each diner to find a bite tailored to their taste. From pieces of stuffed loin, sausages or sausages, to products that preserve the history of an entire region, such as morcón or sobrasada.

The dedication in raising the animals, together with the meticulous work in the selection, mincing and marinade of the meats make the difference. The healing time rounds off a process from which gastronomic and nutritionally interesting jewels emerge that do not go unnoticed on the palate.

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