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Lomo ibérico 100% bellota

Iberian Loin


It is each of the two lean pieces of meat from the pig that are next to the spine and under the ribs. It has a cylindrical shape, which is why it is commonly called a loin tape.

  • Format : Filleted.
  • Approximate weight: 400gr.
  • Description.

    It is a muscular piece of elongated shape with a marbled cut. Being one of the most demanded meats since it is lean and tasty.

    Due to its shape, it has a high infiltration of fat and this makes it a piece with a soft and tender flavor.

  • Conservation.

    It must be kept in the refrigerator with a temperature below 8ºC.

    It can also be frozen, with temperatures always below -18ºC and without breaking the cold chain, but before being consumed it must be thawed at temperatures between 0º and 4ºC.

    • Fresh vacuum packed: 21 days of preferential consumption.
    • Frozen vacuum packed: 24 months of preferential consumption.
  • Consumption.

    Thanks to its tenderness it gives us multiple options, we can make it grilled, empanada, baked... 

    If it is a whole piece, a very original option is to fill it (with apple, peppers, cheese, etc.)

    Many people choose to marinate it, giving it a more intense flavor and taking advantage of its juiciness.

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