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Lomo ibérico 100% bellota adobado

Marinated Iberian loin

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Marinated pork loin is white meat with very little fat, easy and quick to cook. Gaining more flavor with our traditional marinade.

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  • Description.

    The marinated Iberian loin is a piece from a highly exercised part of the Iberian pig, which is why it is very lean and juicy at the same time.

     For its marinade we follow traditional recipes applying paprika,  salt, oregano and  garlic.

  • Conservation.

    It can be preserved in two ways, refrigerated with a temperature below 5ºC and in case we want to freeze it at a temperature of -18ºC.

    Unlike other pieces for consumption, we have to thaw it 2 days after.

    • Fresh vacuum packed: 21 days of preferential consumption.
    • Frozen vacuum packed: 24 months of preferential consumption.
  • Consumption.

    This piece gives us two functionalities, we could take advantage of the whole piece or fillet it.

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