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Cebo Shoulder 100% Iberian

Cebo Shoulder 100% Iberian

PriceFrom €79.95

Cebo Shoulder 100% Iberian. Undergoing a natural healing process for a minimum of 24 months. A fair point of salt get a product of excellent quality.

  • Description.

    Our Iberian bait shoulder comes from one of the forelimbs of an Iberian pig subjected to the action of salt and then a careful drying process that ensures good stability for this Iberian bait shoulder, as well as a characteristic smell and flavor. .

  • Conservation.

    Keep it in a dry and cool place with a constant temperature, the ideal would be between 18º and 24ºC.

    For optimal preservation of the piece, place a thin slice of fat from the piece itself on top of the cut and a cotton cloth.

    Consume preferably within 21 days.

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