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Acorn-Fed 100% Iberian boneless Ham

Acorn-Fed 100% Iberian boneless Ham

  • Black label.
  • Approximate weight: 3.5kg.
  • Healing: Minimum 36 months.
  • Format: boneless.


  • Description.

    Iberian acorn-fed ham  comes from Iberian pigs, raised in our pastures, fed with acorns and natural pastures, during the montanera period and cured by hand in natural dryers.

    It is a unique product, in which we take care of every detail of the process so that the ham generates the aromas, transforming the pieces until they acquire their final nuances.

  • Conservation.

    Keep it in a dry and cool place with a constant temperature, the ideal would be between 18º and 24ºC.

    For optimal preservation of the piece, place a thin slice of fat from the piece itself on top of the cut and a cotton cloth.

    Consume preferably within 21 days.

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