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Iberian lagarto

Iberian lagarto

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It is a very juicy lean meat, since between the meat flakes we find small streaks of fat that make it not dry. In fact, the lagarto is very easy to eat, since it does not have any bones or waste. Before, it was used to make sausages, but now, this little-known part of the pig is also used for cooking.

  • Description.

    Among the flakes of meat we find small streaks of fat which dissolve during cooking and make the piece juicy. For its preparation, this fat is removed.

    In fact, the lizard is very easy to eat, due to its thin strip shape and since it does not have any bones or debris.

  • Conservation.

    This piece must be kept in a refrigerated state with temperatures between 0º and 5ºC, if you prefer to freeze it, it should be at a temperature close to -18ºC.

    To reach its best state, it is advisable to let it warm for about 30 minutes before making it.

    • Fresh vacuum packed: 21 days of preferential consumption.
    • Frozen vacuum packed: 24 months of preferential consumption.
  • Consumption.

    Easy, simple and with care, it is cooked in such a way  that it is cooked on the grill, grilled, frying pan or over the fire and we add a few pinches of salt, garlic and for the most bold with a little pepper.

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