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Cabecero Ibérico 100% Bellota Vista Superior

Iberian headboard loin

PriceFrom €17.85

The mogote or Iberian headboard is a triangular shaped piece after the loin, with high fat infiltration, which makes it a product of great juiciness for the most demanding palates.

  • Description.

    It is one of the most unknown parts of the pig but currently more fashionable in our kitchens.

    Highly rich in protein and fatty acids, benefits for the cardiovascular system.

    It has a consistent flavor that does not diminish despite its preparation.

  • Conservation.

    • Fresh vacuum packed: 21 days of preferential consumption.
    • Frozen vacuum packed: 24 months of preferential consumption.
  • Consumption.

    Due to its great composition of healthy fat, both intermuscular and intramuscular, the best method is grilled, but we do not say no to grilled or roasted..

    Cooked at a low temperature it is ideal for stews or pulled pork.

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