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Pluma ibérica 100% bellota

Iberian pen

PriceFrom €27.50

Named for its great resemblance to a wing or feather.


Piece with triangular shape, se located in the final or posterior part of the loin, next to the Iberian prey.

  • Description.

    It is a very small piece, 100-150gr, due to its exclusivity and high demand.

    Thanks to its high percentage of fat infiltration, its texture is tender and juicy.

    Its high levels of oleic acid are beneficial for health.

  • Conservation.

    The ideal is to keep them at a temperature between 2º and 6ºC.

    For optimal quality, they must be taken out of the fridge half an hour before, so that the meat is tempered, so the central part of the piece will not remain cold in its preparation.

    Another option to preserve them is to freeze them at around -18ºC.

    • Fresh vacuum packed: 16 days of preferential consumption.
    • Frozen vacuum packed: 20 months of preferential consumption.
  • Consumption.

    The most outstanding are usually grilled or grilled, in an easy way, just cooked so that it does not lose its juiciness and with coarse salt on top to give an even more intense flavor. 

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